Technical evolution is taking place. MATTHES.

The EVOLUTION series from MATTHES is based on innovative engineering achievements in the field of industrial cleaning. Entirely in line with the concept of evolution, our engineers, developers and consultants design special solutions that are optimally adapted to the needs of the respective industry. Even the development process is evolutionary: only product features that offer the user real added value are taken into account. Each model series surpasses its predecessor. And is guaranteed to be Made in Europe.

After the successful introduction of the EVO M for cleaning electronic assemblies and for ultra-fine cleaning in metalworking, the stencil cleaning machine EVO SBC is the next step in an evolutionary technical development. Here too, the high demands on quality and the degree of innovation of the machine have prevailed. Further specific industry solutions will follow: the EVOLUTION series from MATTHES.

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MATTHES Maschinen-Industrietechnik GmbH has been supplying systems and process equipment for the cleaning of metallic and non-metallic workpieces for 50 years. We offer solutions for industrial cleaning systems on an aqueous basis, such as ultrasonic cleaning systems as well as immersion and spraying systems, which sustainably increase the efficiency and safety within your process chain.

With our product range we are able to optimally adapt the possibilities of plant technology, processes and cleaning agents to your needs — always keeping the environmental compatibility and economic efficiency of the cleaning processes in mind.